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Moore's Tree Farm's commitment is to offer the Highest Quality, affordable blue spruce trees available in the marketplace from 9' to 23'.

We're a small business - wholesale tree supplier.  We pride ourselves on more one-on-one, quality service from start to finish.

Our process is simple.  It begins with Purchase Order, delivery on your doorstep and our assurance that your beautiful new trees are as we committed when you placed your order.  If purchasing less than a semi-truck load of trees and live more than 30 miles from the 83814 zip code, please call before ordering

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Our goal is to satisfy each-and-every customer.

We offer wholesale tree prices to wholesalers, brokers and the public.  There are even greater savings with Volume buying.

  • Our stock is cold hardy, drought and disease resistant.
  • Cheap (affordable) prices.
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The Blue Spruce is a majestic evergreen when planted as a single tree or in a group.  Blue Spruce trees well defined shape and color along with its superb adaptability make it one of our most popular evergreens available.

The most popular Spruce by any measure, the Colorado Blue Spruce is often the first choice for  ornamental landscaping, privacy screens and windbreaks, and can reach heights of over 100 feet.  It features a pleasing conical shape, and may live for up to 800 years.

Colorado Blue Spruce needles are four-sided and can be quite sharp, and needle color varies from silvery blue to greenish blue.  About 60% develop the famous "blue" color, while the rest will remain more greenish. It is a genetic trait which cannot be determined for another few years. Colorado Blue Spruce are very hardy, dense, and grow at an average rate for an evergreen. Blue Spruce cones are generally from 2 to 4 inches long and have a chestnut brown color.

The Blue Spruce is anchored with a deep root system, protecting it from drought and high winds. It requires very little pruning to maintain their shape, and retains its needles better than almost any spruce.

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