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We Provide Healthy Blue Spruce Trees from a single tree to beautify your landscape to large transplantable lots at excellent prices.

We sell our trees based on how tall they are when dug. How to order our fine trees:

Choose the sizes and number of trees you wish to order provide as much information as you can regarding time-frames, dates and locations.

  • If you have a preferred method of shipping, we'll need to know that.
  • Please use the text box at the bottom of the form for any additional information you want us to know as we process your order.
  • Submit an order (Purchase Order) to us using the form below. 
  • We'll contact you within 48 hours to complete the order process and make arrangements for payment.

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Height: 8'-9'9'-10'10'-11'11'-12'12'-13'13'-14'14'-15'15'-16'
Price: $120$150$190$230$270$290$310$330

Height: 16'-17'17'-18'18'-19'19'-20'20'-21'21'-22'22'-23'   
Price: $350$370$390$410$440$490$530   
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Blue Spruce Trees from Moore's Tree Farm

We Offer Beautiaful Colorado Blue Spruce

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